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Haas Automation Celebrates 25 Years

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Gene Haas founded Haas Automation in 1983 in the United States to manufacture the industry’s first fully automatic programmable collet indexer. Designed to increase production in Haas’s own machine shop, the 5C indexer found immediate success. Over the next four years, the Haas product line expanded to include fully programmable rotary tables, indexers, and machine tool accessories. Today, 25 years later, Haas Automation is the world’s leading manufacturer of cnc machine tools, building, selling, and shipping more machines monthly than any other builder.

When the company introduced its VF-1 vertical machining centre in 1988, the machine’s low price set an industry benchmark for affordable CNC technology. From the start, Haas Automation has aimed to provide reliable, affordable machine tool solutions to job shops and contract manufacturers around the world, relying on volume sales rather than per-unit profit to build the company. Extensive use of lean manufacturing methods and just-in-time production practices enables the company to produce high-precision CNC products while retaining value-based pricing.

Haas manufactures a full line of CNC vertical and horizontal machining centres, CNC lathes, rotary tables, and 5C indexers, all manufactured in the company’s 1-million-ft² (93,000-m²) facility in Southern California and distributed through a worldwide network of more than 120 Haas factory outlets (HFOs). Each HFO has complete showroom facilities, factory-trained service personnel, extensive spare-parts inventories, and fully stocked service vehicles to deliver high-calibre service and support.

More than 85,000 Haas CNC machines and 53,000 Haas rotary products are now in use around the world. In 2008, the company will build more than 14,000 machines, with around 60% of them going to international markets.

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