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robot used in plastic industry

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With the rapid development of plastic molding industry in our country, molding equipment automation degree more and more is also high. Modern injection molding machine equipped with manipulator, often in order to improve production efficiency. Injection manipulator was part of the can imitate human body upper limb function, can automatically control the products or running tools according to the predetermined requirement for the operation of automated production equipment. Injection manipulator is equipped with a mechanical exclusively for injection molding production automation, it can reduce the heavy manual labor, improve working conditions and safety production; Increase the productivity of the injection molding machine, steady product quality, reduce scrap rate, reduce the production cost, enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise and its important role, etc.
Injection manipulator in becomes more and more important role in molding production. At present domestic type of manipulator is simpler, and mostly used for pick-up.
We provide robot import from Italy, with easy operation and precise control  characteristic, widely used for IML solution, plastic parts pick up improve your production efficiency .
Top entry robot;
Side entry robot;
IML solution robot;
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