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CNC machining parts precision Range and Application relationship

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What kind of range does the CNC machined processing require ? What is the relationship between the application and the current application?What are the advantages of cnc machining technology ?Precision range following:According to the programming list, all the programs are transferred to the computer, and the simulation is performed by the tool path simulation software. The CNC-machining area and the highest depth and the lowest depth of the machining are observed to determine the clamping direction of the workpiece, the setting position of the clamping and the length of the tools. Place the workpiece on the clamping tool of the machine, flatter the plane and perpendicularity of the workpiece and parallelism, and the vertical tolerance is within ±0.015. Then fix the workpiece firmly and start to divide it. According to the position indicated on the programming list, The size of the Z-axis touch. (When you are in the middle, pay attention to whether the edge finder collides with the workpiece) Enter the data of the mechanical coordinates X, Y, and Z into the corresponding coordinates. Check that the tool on the program sheet matches the tool on the machine magazine. The program is simulated with the tool path simulation software to see the machining area and the highest depth and the lowest depth to determine the clamping direction, reserved position and length of the tool.
What are the advantages of CNC processing ? Industry development relationship:
1. Using a precision level instrument and other inspection tools, the size of the main bed of the machine tool is finely adjusted by adjusting the horn, so that the geometric accuracy of the machine tool reaches the allowable tolerance range; 2. For the automatic tool changer, adjust the tool magazine, manipulator position, stroke parameters, etc., and then use the instructions to check the operation, the requirements are accurate; 3. For the machine tool with APC automatic exchange workbench, the relative position is adjusted and the bearer is automatically exchanged; 4. After the machine tool is adjusted, carefully check whether the parameter setting values in the CNC system and the programmable controller meet the data specified in the stochastic index, and then test the main operation functions, safety measures, and common command execution. 5. Check the normal operation of the machine's auxiliary functions and CNC-machined accessories.
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