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Reciprocating blow molder refreshes

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A reciprocating blow molder uses controlled atmosphere to produce sterile blow air and air-tight guarding to provide highest degree of bacteria free containers for milk packaging.

Milk, juice and water bottling gets fresher and faster with a new air-tight, controlled-atmosphere model of Uniloy Milacron’s proven UMR2000 reciprocating screw blow molding machines Designed for high-volume integrated container manufacturing, the UMR2000CB (for clean blow) combines Uniloy’s proven blow molding systems technology with sterile blow air and enclosed, pressurized clamp area.

This enables containers to be produced and sealed in a controlled environment with bacteria-free blow air.

Uniloy has done extensive testing on various containers produced on this system to verify that the containers are bacteria-free.

Uniloy Milacron reciprocating machine systems are used worldwide by dairy, juice and water processors to create lightweight economical containers.

Well proven on predecessor Uniloy Milacron R2000 machines, the stainless steel air system uses steam purge and HEPA filters to deliver sterile blow air.

A proprietary mechanical sealing method at the end of the blowing cycle seals the container, entrapping sterile air inside the bottles until filling, while a patented mechanical volume evacuation system eliminates the need for a typical vacuum system.

New see-through guarding completely encloses the UMR2000CB clamp area.

A laminar airflow device mounted to the machine delivers dry, treated air to the clamp interior, producing positive pressure to prevent outside air from leaking in.

Flexible skirt guarding at the bottom of clamp seals of on the floor and adjusts to any changes in floor pitch or level.

The new UMR2000CB can be ordered as part of Uniloy Milacron’s turnkey program that covers everything from extrusion tooling, blow molds, trim tooling, trimmers, conveyors, leak detectors, along with machine installation and commissioning.

Uniloy also provides turnkey services which include plant layouts, conveying equipment, resin handling, fillers, scrap handling and cappers.

A vast range of head, clamp and extruder selections allows Uniloy Milacron to configure a UMR2000 blow molding machine to desired production volumes and container specifications.

The first two of the ‘clean blow’ designs, built at Milacron’s Batavia, Ohio, USA manufacturing center, were 10-head/cavity UMR2000CB models with 90mm extruder and 100HP drive system.

The machines were ordered by a very large custom molder which is supplying containers ‘through the wall’ to the largest dairy in the United Kingdom.

Containers are produced on site and conveyed directly down the line to the filler.

The preferred choice for lowest-cost, light-weight, monolayer containers up to 20 liters in capacity, the UMR2000 features high-output, low-melt-temperature, energy-saving extrusion system, while reciprocating screw design enables the fastest parison delivery with superior control.

Molds are fully supported, ensuring consistent proper alignment and long life.

Unique ROTAC toggle clamping delivers highest-in-class tonnage.

Pull-up neck pre-finishing technology – exclusively available from Uniloy on reciprocating class machines -delivers the lightest possible container neck finish for greater material savings.

Advanced microprocessor systems control all machines functions, including operation sequence, temperature, parison programming, diagnostics and safety system.

UMR2000 blow molding machine systems meet all applicable worldwide safety requirements.

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