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Plastisol builds its first US plant

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-05-28 Comments Off on Plastisol builds its first US plant

The US subsidiary of a Dutch composite panel maker is investing €1.3m ($1.9m) to build a 17,250-square-foot plant in Groton, New York.

The facility will be Plastisol BV’s first US production plant and the company is getting more than €406,000 ($600,000) in grant money from the state of New York to build it.

Plastisol – headquartered at Wanroij, in the south of the Netherlands – manufactures composite panels for fire trucks, police, and other emergency service vehicles. Officials say the lighter material helps fight corrosion and offers more flexibility than steel.

Alan Saulsbury, president of Plastisol Composites LLC, said the sheet moulding and fabrication plant was expected to open in April or May and will employ about 35.

Saulsbury explained that the currency exchange rate prompted the company to invest in the US and added: “The Euro has got a lot to do with this.”

Plastisol’s main plant in Wanroij is about 100,000 square feet and employs about 150.

Saulsbury said the Groton plant is “one of several plants the company is building around the world.”

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