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Chinese firm seeks PEEK partners

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After joining forces with Degussa to make polyetheretherketone, Changchun Jilin University Super Engineering Plastic Products is looking to expand its business through a similar approach with other materials.

Managing vice president Chengzhi Li said the Changchun, China-based firm, known by the acronym JDSEP, is negotiating with potential business partners to build two production lines.

The lines will have a combined annual capacity of 2.2m pounds for speciality high-performance engineering resins copolyetheretherketone and polyetheretherketoneketone.

Li said: “We are still open to interested partners.” He added: “We are not ruling out the option of licensing the technology.”

Li claims that JDSEP is the only Chinese company that owns the technology of PEEK products and said: “As early as in l989, we had a patent for PEEK.”

JDSEP’s 20-80 joint venture with Darmstadt, Germany-based Degussa – JIDA Degussa High Performance Polymers Changchun – has been producing about 2.2 million pounds of PEEK annually at a plant in Changchun since spring 2006.

A private company focused on research and development of speciality engineering resins, JDSEP is affiliated with Jilin University. Both its chair, Zhenhua Jiang, and founder, Zhongwen Wu, are professors with the school’s chemistry department.

JDSEP invested 60 million yuan (€5.4m) to set up a new factory on 3½ acres of land in Changchun. Two trial lines for CoPEEK and PEEKK started production in April. Annual capacity totals 220,000 pounds. Li said the company has sold around a dozen metric tons to Chinese customers, so far.

PEEK is used widely in the machinery, automotive, chemical, electronics, media and aerospace industries, Li said.

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