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Plastics Database Adds US Market Data

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The Internet plastics information platform maintained by M-Base Engineering + Software has been extended. Until recently, the Material Data Center offered the complete set of data from the international plastics database CAMPUS, an applications database, literature information, and a trade-name directory. Now, the system includes an additional database that offers a comprehensive overview of the US plastics market.

The new set of materials data is operated jointly with the industry journal Plastics Technology. Data are collected and entered in the database in close cooperation with the resin producers. The emphasis is on data quality rather than volume.

The US materials are reported according to ASTM standards. A direct comparison of data that are based on different standards is not possible in this system. However, for each materials, complete datasheets with all available information are provided.

Inside each standardization system, powerful database features for search, comparison, and generation of tables are available. The data content of the Material Data Center is more than doubled by this extension.

In addition, the literature database in the Material Data Center has been expanded with an archive of materials-related technical articles from Plastics Technology. This offers the user a comprehensive text-based knowledge base to supplement the technical facts in the materials database. The system allows parallel full-text search of all the various databases.

On-line registration and access to demonstrations is available at the Material Data Center website.

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