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Impact Modifiers for PVC Window Profiles

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New acrylic-based impact modifiers are optimized to address different aspects of vinyl window profile performance. Launched by Rohm and Haas Co., Philadelphia (soon to be acquired by Dow Chemical), the new products were developed to allow users to customize their profiles for gloss, Gardner impact, low-temperature impact, process window, etc. Says marketing manager Rob Martin, “We realize there are many competing performance considerations for PVC products, and not every customer values the same features.” The new series of products can be used individually or blended with Rohm and Haas’s Paraloid K-175 lubricating additive in a multifunctional one-pack. Products in the series include Paraloid KM-4400 and KM-5450, each with a different balance of Izod impact efficiency or low-temperature impact resistance. The series is also said to allow for a much wider processing-temperature window.
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