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Plastic Thin Wall Container Mould

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Plastic thin wall container moulds are in large market as that the plastic thin wall containers are still in big demand. Here, as the 25+ years of experience on plastic container injection moulds tooling, list some technical points of superior plastic container moulds for your reference.


1. Mould Structure Design.

Choosing the optimal mould structure design for plastic containers could help make the efficient production, especially for the mould maintenance, such as the interlock system which could help customers keep plastic thin wall containers production as well at little affect while in mould fixing.


2. Mould Steel Suggested.

Suitable mould steel for different mould components could help much in longer mould life and reducing the cost, hence, there would be nice solutions to meet your budget at the good quality.


3. High Precision Mould Tooling.

As the precision of the mould would affect the final quality of plastic thin wall containers, it should be controlled well on the mould precision. So you could check the mould tooling equipment and the QC system as well.


4. Special Air Venting System.

Air venting system in plastic thin wall container moulds is much important to help produce the superior plastic thin wall containers, the plastic thin wall containers are usually produced by high speed and high pressure injection molding, thus the air venting system should be designed well for its better and efficient molding.


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