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What Is CNC Machining Accuracy ?

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The accuracy of cnc machining processing refers to the degree to which the actual geometric parameters (size, shape and position) of the CNC parts after machining match the ideal geometric parameters.The higher the degree of compliance, the higher the machining accuracy. The degree of deviation of the actual geometric parameters from the ideal geometric parameters of the part after CNC machining is called CNC machining error.
The accuracy of CNC machining is measured by the size of the machining error. If the error is large, the precision is low, otherwise it is high.
cnc machine computer gong machining accuracy includes three aspects: dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy and position accuracy.
1.Dimensional accuracy of CNC machining processing
The degree of consistency between the actual size of the surface of the part or between surfaces after CNC machine computer gong processing and the ideal part size. The ideal part size is the median value of the dimension marked on the part.
2.Shape accuracy of CNC-machining processing
The degree of the actual shape of the surface of the part after CNC machine computer gong processing accords with the ideal part surface shape. An ideal part surface shape is an absolutely accurate surface geometry.
3.Position accuracy of CNC-machining processing
After CNC machine computer gong processing, the actual position of each surface of the part is consistent with the position between the ideal surface of each part. 
The position between the surfaces of an ideal part refers to the absolutely accurate position between the surfaces.
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