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PetroChina HDPE plants to use Basell technology

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PetroChina has chosen Basell’s Hostalen technology for two HDPE plants to be built for completion in 2011. The technology will be used in a 300,000tpa plant at Chengdu, in Sichuan province as well as at a 350,000tpa unit at Fushun, in Liaoning province.

According to Just Jansz, president of Basell’s Technology Business, China’s largest oil and petrochemical company selected the Hostalen technology after a full evaluation of licensed HDPE technologies able to meet the company’s film, blow moulding and pipe applications, which are seen as critical to growth prospects in the region covered by the two new plants.

Basell’s Technology Services group has also been working closely with PetroChina at its plant in Jilin province, which also uses Hostalen technology. This work is to optimise products for special market requirements.

“Looking toward the future, we are pleased to be extending our partnership with PetroChina in order to continue to meet their needs,” said Jansz.

The Hostalen process is now used for 6 million tpa of HDPE capacity globally, based, Basell says, on the versatility of the process, coupled with operational stability.

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