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Parts cleaning adds value, reduces costs

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Parts cleaning has become an added value process, said Fuchs, which can help manufacturers to reduce costs and add value to their processes.

The level of component cleanliness required by manufacturers in today’s industry is continually increasing said Fuchs Lubricants Each cleaning task requires a specific solution owing to a variety of factors, such as material type, degree of contamination, component geometry, process / type of equipment used and required level of cleanliness

The Fuchs Group is a major supplier of process cleaning fluids, providing bespoke solutions to some of the world’s leading manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace and pharmaceutical/medical industries.

Users include VW, Ford, Nissan, Renault and Airbus.

With water based fluids, Fuchs has noted a trend towards solutions that can remove heavy soiling at low temperatures.

For the manufacturer this means shorter treatment times and the conservation of energy and water.

With solvent based cleaners, the incorporation of polar solvents has made processes faster and easier with the potential of removing a variety of contaminants in a single wash.

Fuchs has developed a product range to suit these technical and process changes and maintains an active portfolio as part of its ‘single supplier’ status for lubricants and fluids.

Renoclean VR 1021 ZK and Renoclean S 237 BF have been trialled and tested by FUCHS companies and customers in Germany and Spain respectively; high performance results and excellent feedback initiated a UK launch.

Richard Rogers, Industrial Product Manager at Fuchs UK, said: "Renoclean VR 1021 ZK is a synthetic aqueous spray cleaner designed as a rationalisation aid to provide outstanding cleanliness on work pieces manufactured from aluminium and non ferrous alloys.

It has shown exceptional performance in the automotive industry in particular and has been approved by Volkswagen for cleaning aluminium engine blocks post machining".

Rogers added: "Renoclean S 237 BF is again a synthetic aqueous spray cleaner but for use with cast iron and steel".

He said that the product is in use at many leading companies, including GKN, Ford and Nissan, and can be used for a variety of processes.

It can be used between machining phases to eliminate oil, chips and metal particles and performs exceptionally well following austenitisation and tempering operations after hardening.

He added: "The product offers exceptionally long life, has low foaming tendencies – regardless of pressure (up to 400 bar) and water quality/temperature – and is free of salts and oil, leaving minimal organic or inorganic residues".

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