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Objet Wins First-Place EuroMold Award

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Objet Geometries Ltd., a world leader in ultrathin-layer photopolymer jetting, was presented with the gold Euromold 2007 Innovation Award during a special evening at the EuroMold trade fair in Frankfurt in early December. Objet took first place for innovation in the EuroMold competition when the submission for its Connex500™ 3D printing system was found to be the most convincing.

The EuroMold Innovation Award recognizes the most innovative developments from the broad fields of mould making and tooling, design, and application development. The prestigious industry award is issued to three winners, in gold, silver, and bronze versions. The award statuette is commonly referred to as the “Oscar” of product development technology, and is recognized around the world.

At the 2007 EuroMold, Objet unveiled its breakthrough PolyJet Matrix™ technology along with the Connex500, the first system based on that new technology. The Connex500 captured the attention of show attendees as well as the award judges. It might be said to open a new era in rapid prototyping—one characterized by multimaterial models.

Objet’s award-winning machine is the first system to make possible the printing of parts and assemblies from a multiplicity of model materials in a single build. The Connex500 fabricates Digital Materials™ on the fly; that is, it enables users to create composite materials that have previously determined combinations of mechanical properties.

“We are extremely proud that the Connex500 was awarded first place for innovation at EuroMold,” said Adina Shorr, CEO of Objet Geometries, when the award was announced. “This is the first time in eight years that a rapid prototyping innovation has won the award—a fact that underscores our belief that multimaterial printing is one of the most important industry advances introduced in a long time.”

Shorr noted that Objet Geometries was one of the youngest companies in its industry. Thus, he said with understandable pride that “this achievement positions us as the clear rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing technology leader.”

Objet was founded in 1998. It serves a worldwide customer base through offices in Europe, the USA, and Hong Kong and a global network of distribution partners. The company owns more than 50 patents and patent-pending inventions.

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