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Latest Velocity Version Is Vista-Compatible

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-06-14 Comments Off on Latest Velocity Version Is Vista-Compatible

The SURFCAM® Velocity 3.0 CAD/CAM system developed by Surfware Inc. has earned the “Works with Windows Vista” logo by virtue of being declared compatible with the Windows Vista operating system. The logo is available in SURFCAM Velocity 3.0 SP2.

“In our quest to maintain a top-quality product for our customers, SURFCAM’s compatibility with Windows Vista helps provide a seamless integration with the latest technology,” says Don Esters, president of Surfware. “With the Windows Vista compatibility and TrueMill® technology, SURFCAM Velocity provides an advanced solution in CAD/CAM software.”

TrueMill is patent-pending technology in SURFCAM Velocity that maintains a consistent and predictable load on the cutter, resulting in high productivity, short cycle times, extended cutting-tool life, and higher-quality parts owing to more-efficient material removal. Velocity is used for CNC programming of 2- through 5-axis mills, lathes, wire EDMs, and multitasking machines.

SURFCAM Velocity uses Microsoft DirectX technology in Windows Vista to help make superior graphics performance possible. Through the new designation and application of the logo, SURFCAM users can now be confident that the core functionality of SURFCAM products will work with the Vista OS.

“Microsoft is pleased that Surfware has earned the Works with Windows Vista logo for SURFCAM Velocity 3.0,” says Justin Jed, group product manager of Windows Client Product Management at Microsoft Corp. “This highlights Surfware’s commitment to providing its customers with applications that are compatible with Windows Vista.”

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