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New Website launched with new company name

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Zhejiang Taizhou Yinyuan Mould Co., Ltd. This is a relatively small factory in my city, but is on its road of fast growing. We just made a website for the company. And so I’m getting to know the boss Mr. Ye.

He is a traditional Chinese man, honest and diligent. He started the business when he was still a teenager. He was an apprentice at first, and later ..ed his own factory. Developped from a small workshop, he contineous focused on the only area, that is blow molding. The products are also constrained in auto blow molding parts and children toys blow moldings. Now that the production scale has largely expanded, Mr. Ye said that except for his experience, he should also learn the international advanced technology. He wants the factory will develop step by step, not in a hast, so that his reputation will also grow with the company. " It will be a long business, I don’t want to see it just develop in seven years or 8 years, it’s too short a period. We should grow up together with China, and with the world mould industry."

While all these account for his characteristics, the deep impression to me is preciseness. During the web construction, he sat beside the designer all the time. Each products posted on the web has been confirmed by him. He would not let even a minor mistake to destroy the whole web, and would not allow tricks and non-exist products on the web. Although he is a little supersticious, he insists on all information on the web should be true.

The company changed its name Jiangtai Mould to Yinyuan Mould, with new logo and refresh website. The new web is more internationalized. With clear colors and broaden design, the navigation is more clear. You can find more products easier. Company news and technology will let you know more about the company.

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