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FR and Metallic-Effect PBTs

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Ticona Engineering Polymers, Florence, Ky., has new non-halogenated flame-retardant Celanex PBT grades and others with metallic-effect appearance. The company also plans to introduce supergloss PBTs in the fourth quarter. Non-halogenated Celanex XFR grades containing an inorganic phosphorus compound boast lower density, higher CTI, and better UV stability than products containing halogen and antimony. Five grades with up to 30% glass are available for electrical/electronic connectors, switches, and housings. Also new is Riteflex XFR, a halogen/antimony-free copolyester TPE for injection molding. Another injection molding FR grade, Celanex 5214HF with 15% glass, contains halogen but not deca-BDE. It reportedly complies with RoHS but not WEEE. It offers high flow, high gloss, and longterm color and gloss retention without paint. It has UL 94V-0 and 945V ratings and a wider processing window than other FR PBTs, Ticona says. A similar grade, Celanex 5314, contains 30% glass. New metallic-effect Celanex PBT is claimed to be an industry first for automotive and appliance handles, knobs, and levers. Injection grades with up to 30% glass come in nine colors. The super-gloss grades will boast a gloss level >95 and a “liquid” surface finish for knobs and handles in appliance and automotive markets. (800) 526-4960 • www.ticonamold.wiki
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