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New TPE and Rubber Presses Optimize Melt Flow

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-04-19 Comments Off on New TPE and Rubber Presses Optimize Melt Flow

A new line of presses for TPE or rubber is said to trim cure times by up to 50%. New TurboCure presses from Rep Corp., Bartlett, Ill., feature meltflow enhancements in the injection unit and the mold. The company has a new agreement with Beaumont Technology Inc., Erie, Pa., granting Rep sole rights to use Beaumont’s patents on its MeltFlipper melt-flow technology in the field of elastomer injection. The new TempInverter device inside the injection unit avoids laminar effects that stratify melt-temperature differences and raises the temperature in the center of the flow stream at the moment of injection. The center parts of the mold thereby receive a 10-degree higher melt temperature without increasing the maximum temperature or affecting the final mechanical properties. Inside the mold, Rep’s new Fill Balancer is said to prevent temperature disparities from causing uneven filling of multiple cavities.The process increases the temperatures in the coldest areas and can prevent overestimating the cure time. It ensures that the hottest melt is located at the center of the part. Rep also introduced a 400-ton Compact MultiStation (CMS) press but did not release further details. Tel: (847) 697-7210 . www.rep.tm.fra

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