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Chinese Press Maker Adds MuCell Option

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-04-19 Comments Off on Chinese Press Maker Adds MuCell Option

The MuCell microcellular molding process from Trexel Inc., Woburn Mass., is now an option on machines from a "top-tier" Chinese injection press builder. Hong Kong-based Chen Hsong Group (sold here by Chen Hsong Machinery Canada Co., Keswick, Ont.) now offers Trexel’s MuCell Series III system, designed for smaller presses, on its 98-ton JM98-Ai/500 hybrid press. (The new MuCell Series III system is also offered as an option on small machines from Arburg and Engel.) Trexel says MuCell III is the first cost-effective MuCell system for injection molding machines using screws of 40 mm diam. or smaller. The MuCell III system replaces pneumatic gas pumps with an electric motor to compress the gas to a preset operating pressure. Use of an electric motor reduces maintenance and cuts demand for compressed air by 50%. Chen Hsong: (905) 989-2539/www.chenhsongmold.wiki . Trexel: (781) 932-0202/www.trexelmold.wiki

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