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Multi-cavity airline cup moulds

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Airline cup mould maker China is a professional mould manufacturer for airline cup mould,thinwall container mould,daily using mould.We could supply you a turnkey project for fast injection molding line.

Airline cup is used on the plane for different customers,so it has high requirement for its parting line,no flash,no burr and shining appearance.Airline cup mould steel material must be with good polishing and high hardness.

Airline cup mould maker China makes multi-cavity airline cup moulds for 2cavity,4cavity,6cavity and 8cavity,later we plan to develop 12cavity airline cup mould.Usually we use PS raw material for airline cups,it is better for recycle.The structure of airline cup mould design is very important to avoid wall thickness variation,and make sure there is good cooling system and no flash at top side.Airline cup mould could reach to 6s for every shot if we design good cooling system and make the whole product nice.

Welcome to visit airline cup mould company when you are in China,we are near Shanghai.You could come to Huangyan by speed train or plane.Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you need more information.Thanks.

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