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Baby tub mould manufactuerer

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Chinese best baby tub mould manufactuerer-Sino Mould Co.,Ltd supply you with top quality baby tub mould . Baby tub mould is different from some other houseware mould, it is especially request high precision, baby tub should be very smooth, no flash is allowed at its surface, which need to be comfortable for baby bathing.

it’s very important for you to find a reliable professional baby mould maker to design good baby mould , in the meantime, it’s also important to choose good steel for baby tub mould to ensure no flash no deformation after mould long time using…
Baby tub mould steel recommend: 718H, DIN1.2738, H13 , DIN1.2344 , DIN1.2316,
Baby tub mould delivery time: 60days
Baby tub mould payment term: T/T or L/C

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