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Mazak Hosts UK Aerospace Tech Seminar

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While the financial and construction sectors of the British economy continue to face difficulties, a recent seminar highlighting modern methods in aerospace manufacturing made the case that the manufacturing industry in the UK remains buoyant. The event, cohosted by Yamazaki Mazak U.K. Ltd. and Sandvik Coromant UK and held at Mazak’s European headquarters in Worcester, was designed to show senior production engineers from the UK’s leading aerospace manufacturing companies the latest in machine tool and cutting tool technology having application for their sector.

Some 100 invited guests received insight into ways new technologies can reduce manufacturing costs through improved cycle times, reduced noncutting time, and more-efficient machining. They had the opportunity to learn from live demonstrations of the technologies discussed.

Sandvik Coromant’s presentations addressed subjects ranging from pocket milling using diverse techniques to strategies for machining heat-resistant superalloys to best effect.

Yamazaki Mazak highlighted the diversity of its machine range in terms of being able to handle the mix of components and materials encountered in the aerospace sector. With its ability to supply a machine tool for virtually any aerospace machining application, from simple 2-axis lathes to multiaxis, multifunction machines, the company is well positioned to assist UK aerospace enterprises. The company presentation also noted the depth of application knowledge and expertise available through its UK-based applications engineering department.

“While the manufacturing sector is avoiding the worst of the economic woes, it cannot afford to be complacent,” said Tony Saunders, Yamazaki Mazak’s UK sales director, who noted that manufacturing companies needing to maximize productivity should be aware of, and then implement, advancements in machine tools and cutting tools.

“The high level of attendance at this event is proof that UK aerospace manufacturing companies are driving forward and are determined to ensure that they remain competitive in what is truly a global marketplace,” Saunders concluded.

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