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Makino Opens Tech Centre in Slovakia

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Bratislava, Slovakia, is the site of a technology and training centre that was opened officially on October 25 by the machine tool builder Makino. Bratislava, the country’s capital, was chosen as the centre’s location because it offers convenient access to Makino’s key markets.

For example, 11 automobile manufacturers build some 3.8 million cars a year within 300 km of the city. At a time when close customer-supplier relationships and first-class service have become increasingly important in business, Makino is continuously strengthening its market-related functions. Since 2005, Makino in Europe has evolved from a machine tool builder to a flexible technology and service provider.

The latest move to purpose-built premises in the Slovakian capital reflects this change. Fifty Makino employees in Bratislava work in the areas of consulting and sales, application engineering, and services, providing customers in many industries with customized services, test cuts, turnkey projects, and preseries part production.

The company also opened new premises in Hamburg in October. The two significant events reveal Makino’s intention to head in a new direction, one that involves generating new jobs across its European operations. The company’s European applications workforce has recently grown from 30 to 50 employees, while the number providing services, 60 a couple of years ago, now is 100.

Dr. P. Anders Ingemarsson, president and CEO of Makino Europe, spoke at the opening ceremony in Bratislava, calling the city a location of strategic significance because of its excellent transport links and close proximity to the “twin city” of Vienna. “Bratislava is the hub that will bring a buzz to Makino’s operations at the heart of Europe,” he concluded.

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