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Gibbs, Kubotek Announce Integration

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-02-12 Comments Off on Gibbs, Kubotek Announce Integration

Gibbs and Associates, the developer of GibbsCAM® software for programming cnc machine tools, and Kubotek, the creator of geometry-based KeyCreator® CAD software, have teamed up to develop integrated products linking KeyCreator with GibbsCAM. A new interface allows models to be sent directly to GibbsCAM from within a KeyCreator session with the touch of a single button. Additionally, GibbsCAM now can directly read models from the KeyCreator CKD file format.

Robert Bean, executive VP of Kubotek USA, comments: “So many CAD companies view their products from a design-only perspective, without regard to CAM or an understanding of the manufacturing process. Kubotek USA embraces the manufacturing engineer, looking through their eyes at their problems with real solutions for what they need to get accomplished—making parts. KeyCreator is a powerful tool for manufacturing engineering.”

With breakthrough data exchange, the ability to handle data from any source, and powerful model editing technologies, KeyCreator supports the full art-to-part process. It lets users quickly and efficiently translate a design, suppress features of the design, and prepare shop-floor documentation in order to keep the production line running. In-process shapes and any geometry needed to support CAM can be sent to GibbsCAM.

“In order to stay current with the latest versions of CAD applications, we continually update GibbsCAM’s data interoperability capabilities,” states Bill Gibbs, founder and president of Gibbs and Associates. “KeyCreator is an excellent PC-based design tool, but the capabilities introduced with the latest version of KeyCreator are directly applicable to manufacturing users. Using KeyCreator’s feature discovery and manipulation technology, manufacturers can better prepare the design model for machining.

“The GibbsCAM/KeyCreator combination really makes for a cost-effective, yet extremely powerful product development solution,” Gibbs concludes.

Says Peter McCutchen, Kubotek USA’s vice president of strategic partnerships, “GibbsCAM users can be more efficient using KeyCreator. Now, anyone running GibbsCAM can take full advantage of the features and functionality of KeyCreator with either a simple one-button transfer or direct-read capability.”

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