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Jones and Shipman unveil cylindrical grinder

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The Suprema is a one-piece ‘Tee Bed’ designed, robustly constructed, cylindrical grinder that can accommodate one-off, batch, or high-volume production.

Direct coupled digital servo motors and rotary encoders from GE-Fanuc, ensure geometric accuracy, while the machine benefits from Jones and Shipman’s proprietary software that removes the requirement for operators to input code, instead providing a highly flexible icon-based user interface Built around a GE-Fanuc Touchscreen the Easy Control system reduces the need for operator training and dramatically cuts set-up and changeover time.

Full manual control of the Suprema is also straightforward and intuitive thanks to the machine’s twin membrane panel controls.

The left-hand panel contains the Z axis manual control via a Hand Pulse Generator (HPG), together with the touchscreen display panel and ancillary controls.

The right-hand panel has a similar HPG and digital read out for X axis control.

The modular configuration of the Suprema designed using the latest 3D CAD technology, has allowed Jones and Shipman to offer the machine with a comprehensive range of options and additions to suit the most demanding user requirements.

The Suprema incorporates a Universal Wheelhead and has a grinding capacity of 300mm x 650mm diameter between centres.

Models are also available in 1m and 1.5m table capacities.

While this model with its universal wheelhead allows for internal and external grinding, plain straight approach and angle head options are also available; all achieved with very low capital outlay, ensuring fast payback for users.

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