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Belt has stainless-steel heat-sealing bands

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Belt Technologies Europe manufactures stainless-steel heat-sealing bands to customer specification, as well as having a standard range of commonly used widths and thicknesses.

These belts can be made with thicknesses from 0.05mm to 0.8mm in virtually any length or width combination Belts can be coated or uncoated depending on the heat-sealing method used.

The choice of stainless-steel grade is of particular importance when considering the actual temperature of application and type of heating applied to the belt.

There are belts available, which can operate up to temperatures of 425 deg C.

Compared with fibreglass and other forms of heat-sealing bands, the stainless-steel option provides a much faster throughput of sealed product.

The good thermal transfer properties of some stainless steels also allow for a greater speed and consequently higher rate of product sealing.

Stainless steel belts do not fray or particulate, which minimises risk of any possible product contamination and provides a smoother sealing finish to the end product.

Teflon-coated bands are used in food preparation where the coating can be FDA approved and in any type of packaging application where good release characteristics of the belts are a prerequisite.

A typical application is the seam sealing of plastic toothpaste and shampoo tubes.

The bands made by Belt Technologies are manufactured and welded to give a very strong weld and excellent camber properties, which help tracking the belt in application.

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