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Jar PET preform Mould

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PET preform is the first step for the bottle production molding line.PET bottle is fast consuming products for water,juice,carbonated drinking and candy packing.So there is a high requirement for the PET preforms.There are many different types of PET preforms for different using.

PET preform mould supplier China could offer you high quality multi-cavity PET preform mould,Jar PET preform mould.We use stainless steel material with high hardness for the PET preform mould.We design well cooling system to get shorter cycle time.For a good designed mould,it is very important to get long mould life and high production efficiency.

Jar PET preform mould,also names wide mouth PET preform mould,the neck size of the Preform is more than 40mm.For the injection molding machines,we need not only consider the injection weight and mould height,also need to consider the mould length and width.We could offer you not only a PET preform mould,but a fine solution about the PET preform injection molding line.

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