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Export electrical appliance injection molds

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Sino Mould manufacture injection molds for a couple of years, is famous electrical appliance injection molds making factory China, supplying high quality injection molds with high-end injection molds processing technology.
Electrical appliances have close relationship with electrical appliance injection molds. A refrigerator need 150-200 sets injection molds, a washer machine need 60 sets injection molds, and an air conditioner needs 50 sets injection molds. Following the development of electrical appliance business line, the electrical appliance injection molds making industry make a great progress. Nowadays , consumers have higher requirements on cover of the electrical appliance, like the color, touch feelings, precision and thickness. These requirements would be reflected on the electrical appliance injection molds, and the customers will have higher requirements on injection molds making.
Sino Mould is one of the best injection molds maker who forces on injection molds. Every years we make more 100 sets electrical appliance injection molds,and export Chinese injection molds to the all world like south America, Mid-Eastern area, Africa and so on. Sino Mould holds the idea that we not only supply injection moulds,but a fine solution.When clients buy a injection mould in our company, what they take back is not only a qualified injection mold,but a perfect sales service. If you want to find an electrical appliance injection mold making factory,Sino Mould will be your best choice, because Sino Mould is China top injection mould manufacturer ,famous China injection mold supplier.When you customize electrical appliance injection mold in China, pls contact Sino Mould.

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