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interchangeable PET preform mould

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PET perform mould has different interchangeable choice; mould maker can make the perform weight interchangeable, neck screw interchangeable.
Perform neck interchangeable means change the neck screw inserts. We can make different screw on the neck insert. It only needs to change this insert on the PET preform mould to making the product with different neck screw.

For weight interchangeable, we need to make two sets of core, but the weight could’t too much difference. For example, if you want to make 37g and 32g PET perform with same neck size, we can make one mould with two sets core insert.
interchangeable PET preform mould

Most customer don’t need large output, so they ask for interchangeable perform mould, it can reduce his cost from mould building. But if your output is very large, it is better to make two mould.

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