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Hot runner standard parts

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Hot runner moulds China is a company for hot runner moulds with hot runner molding solution.We could design hot runner system according to the mould requirement.We could supply you hot runner moulds and also our own brand hot runner spare parts.

For a hot runner mould,when the customer orderred several moulds,sometimes the customer will have a doubt that if we could use the same design of hot runner spare parts,then they could store the same hot runner spare parts and change it conveniently if some parts is broken after long time running.

For some moulds,if the mould size,cavity number,product size is very similar,we could use the same hot runner spare parts.For other different moulds,the hot runner spare parts is different to get good injection and product appearance.

With a hot runner mould,we could get good appearance product,fast cycle time and less material wasting.As hot runner system is using the heaters to heat the melt material,so it is also need to consume power,about 350W-800W for different hot runner systems per tip.Please feel free to talk with meif you have any question.We could offer you hot runner brand with YUDO,mold Master,Synventivee,Incoe,Hasco,Anole and other world famous hot runner system for the hot runner moulds.

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