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Injection moulding of electronics items grows

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At the K-2007 exhibition, a compact, robotic 1000kN all-electric plastics injection moulding cell achieves high injection speeds, high pressures, excellent precision and dynamics and best performance

Engel, Austria showed at K-2007 plastics exhibition, Germany, a compact, all-electric e-max 200/100 plastics injection moulding machine with a clamping force of 1.000kN (100 tonf). It formed part of a ‘turnkey’ production cell featuring robot/parts removal unit Engel ERC 23 + Trayserver Engel ETS5 (for orientated parts depositing).

The cell produced mobile phone shells from a PC blend in a two-cavity mould.

The e-max machine is particularly compact, said Engel, and includes the following.

* A new die clamping unit with four tie-bars.

* A large tie-bar gap.

* A wide opening stroke.

* A generously dimensioned mould mounting space.

* Anew injection unit achieves high injection speeds, high pressures, excellent precision, excellent dynamics and high performance.

Thanks to excellent performance, the Engel e-max offers excellent cost effectiveness.

* Three-component injection moulding of switches – for the ‘teletronics’ industry, Engel demonstrated the production of a switch using Engel ‘combimelt’ three-component technology, with picking and placing and multi-component moulding.

The switch is injection moulded using a 3/4-cavity Engel mould.

An Engel ‘victory’ 330H/80W/80V/130 injection moulder with Engel ERC 63 parts removal robot produced the switch from Ultramid A3WG6 polyamide by BASF and two POM types (Delrin 577 and 500 by DuPont).

* Versatile machines, processes and applications – as well as the high-performance Engel speed injection moulding machines for the packaging industry, Engel showed a dual-platen Engel duo machine series, tiebar-less Engel victory machines, the fully-electric Engel e-motion precision machine, the compact, fully-electric Engel e-maximum and Engel elast machines, which specialise in elastomer processing

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