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Industrial Crate Mold

Posted by: chinaeye 2021-03-21 Comments Off on Industrial Crate Mold

Sinomould is one of famous specialize for industrial crate mold manufactures from China. ChinaMOULD has strong strength and rich experience in industrial crate mold manufacture. Our company export more than 100 pairs of industrial crate to Spain, Middle East, South Africa and other countries per year.
The industrial crate can according to your requirements for design and processing. You could add company LOGO, year month and any other things you want  to print in the crate. Our company launched a new high technology applied in 4 cavities foldable 1m*1m industrial crate. The crate could hold more things, but shipment could save more space. That’s will save a lot cost of crate transportation .
My name is Vicky, if you’re interested with it, pls contact me.

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