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China PMMA cup mold

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PMMA cup mold supplier, Sino mould is famous in variousinjection molds manufacture. We have accumulated much experience in PMMA injection molds.
With recently PMMA cup mold we exported to Brazil, whole project covers more than 15 sets molds with different shape PMMA cups.
High quality PMMA cup should be very transparent. It required PMMA cup mold with highly polishing after PMMA cup mold tooling. And before PMMA cup mold manufacturing, operator should make sure clean injection machine screw and barrel. And also make sure to dry PMMA material. With these steps, then final PMMA cup would be in good quality, otherwise, PMMA cup would not be in transparent, but yellow color.
PMMA cup mold china supplier, Pastic welcome you contacting to us.

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