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How to Choose Expert Plastic Injection Mold Maker in China?

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The key reason why most of the molders cooperate with Chinese plastic injection mold makers is price, and of course that it is not the only one and its percent is also being decreased though slowly.


Before talking about the tips for choosing expert plastic injection mold manufacturers in China, let’s learn the basic info as well. And if you are only interested the tips, click here for a quick access.


What is Plastic Injection Mold?


Plastic injection mold is a die/tool for molding plastic parts widely used around our daily life, such as the plastic tableware, plastic chairs and tables, plastic dust bins, plastic parts in cell phones, plastic office appliance…

Here is a video displaying the plastic crate mold, help you understand plastic injection mold more intuitively.

What are Basic Points on Plastic Injection Mold?

The development and innovation of plastic injection molds is one of the main supports for well growing the plastic parts molding industrial. And it’s not easy to show detail points of plastic injection mold here as its complex technical aspects, thus, just talk the basic two points.

– Plastic Injection Mold Design

It is the basic technical requirement and one of the core competitiveness for making good plastic injection molds. Usually there are two major parts in plastic injection mold called by mold core and mold cavity, just like the video shows above, looks very simple? Well, actually it would be much complex. So the suitable mold design is the mold quality guarantee. And the ingenuity of mold development could create the higher production capacity and excellent plastic parts finally even though it looks impossible nowadays.

– Plastic Injection Mold Steel

Generally the principle for good steel is supporting the stable and long-term running of plastic injection molds. So usually the good steel could be required hardened and high resistance to wear and tear, and because of different material specifications, the steel shall provide different application, such as for PVC, it must be anti-corrosion.

So you can see that the goal shall be the best steel for ensuring that the mold can withstand time, heat, and perpetual work. And the best steel is the suitable steel could meet the requirements but at the cost affordable for molders.


Actually after quick viewing what mentioned above, you may also find where shall pay attention for choosing expert plastic injection mold makers.


Here list the basic five tips for helping you learn more about what is superior plastic injection mold maker.

1.  Talking more to find the mold design capacity of the plastic injection mold maker

Why do we suggest that find more about the mold design capacity of the plastic injection mold makers?

– As the increasing global trade competition, the demand for plastic parts would be more diversified, which would require much more challenges for plastic injection mold design.

– And most of the molders hope to setup a long cooperation relationship with at least one mold manufacturer.

2. Confirm the mold tooling capacity of the plastic injection mold maker

This part would be easier because that the tooling equipment and workshops could be regarded as mold tooling capacity. So you could ask for the tooling equipment list and even the videos for them or visiting them on site.

3. Check the mold QC capacity of the plastic injection mold maker

It’s best to do quality control for each process of each mold parts to keep the excellent production efficient and mold quality, because the plastic injection molds are custom made, near all of the parts are different, and they are processed by different workers and machines.

So if you’d like to get a superior plastic injection mold easier, check the QC system of the mold makers, where you could find there is only better QC capacity not the best, anyway, the QC system could be better and better by the growing technology and continuous improvement.

4. Check the plastic part design capacity of the plastic injection mold maker

A better plastic injection mold maker usually could help you in your plastic part analysis and improvement. It’s really important for those who’d like to keep your parts competitiveness all the time.

5. Confirm the service capacity of the plastic injection mold maker.

This is much more complex, as it seems you know well only when you experienced. And before the trial order, you would find that most of them service you very well, as for the following processes, there would be different sometimes. The terrible is that when you need them, but no one answers you.

One effective method is that talking with the customers of the plastic injection molders, so ask for that if you could communicate with some of their customers, or check that if they have the customers for decades.


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