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What Are The Some Advantages Of Precision CNC Machining ?

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There are kinds of cnc machining processing methods. We must choose the one that suits you best according to your own needs, the advantages of various processing methods, etc. If you choose one that is not suitable for you, it will definitely have a little impact in the later stage. Therefore, we must understand the advantages and disadvantages of various processing methods before choosing. Then let's find out what are the advantages of precision metal processing?
Precision hardware machinery parts processing1. CNC machining of precision metal shafts has high precision and stable processing quality;2. Multi-coordinate linkage can be performed, and parts with complex shapes can be processed;3. When CNC machining parts of precision hardware are changed, generally only the CNC program needs to be changed, which can save production preparation time;4. The machine tool itself has high precision and rigidity. It can choose favorable processing amount and high productivity (generally 3 to 5 times of ordinary machine tools);5. High degree of machine tool automation can reduce labor intensity;
precision CNC machining using short cutting tools is the main feature of precision hardware parts. Short tools will significantly reduce tool deviation, thereby obtaining good surface quality, avoiding rework, reducing the use of welding rods, and shortening EDM processing time. 
When considering 5-axis machining, the goal of using five-axis machining molds must be considered: to complete the machining of the entire workpiece with the shortest cutting tools possible, including reducing programming, clamping and machining time while achieving more perfect surface quality .
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