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High Value Should Be Added to China Mould

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         At present, total mould output of China has ranked No. 3 around the world. However, China still falls behind German, US and Singapore in design and making. Experts in China appeal for top products research.
It is reported that main characteristic of China mould factories are Large and Complete, Small and Complete, while factories abroad are Small and Special, Small and Precise. Of the total output, large, precise, complex and long life moulds account for only 30%, compared with 50% abroad. As low value of moulds, production value for each worker per year is about 10,000 USD. On the contrast, the figure in advanced countries is 150,000-200,000 USD; some even reach to 250,000 to 300,000 USD.
Professor Tang Yong from South China University of Technology pointed out, lack of talent, small invest in research and skill innovation, these are the main reasons that result in low value added in mould industry, which further more leads to low profit of company which always acted passively in market.

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