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Heat-Distortion Testers

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A new line of instruments measures both heat-distortion temperature (HDT) and Vicat softening temperature of thermoplastics as described in ISO 10350-1. Available from Zwick USA, Kennesaw, Ga., the line includes manually operated HDT/Vicat Standard models with computerized calculations of results from the measured data, and the HDT/Vicat Allround models, which feature computer-controlled functions such as motorized lowering of the measuring stations and the motor-driven application of test weights. Both model types are available in different variants with one to six measuring stations. Specimens in the Standard and Allround models are heated in a liquid bath. A third model type in the line, Vicat D, applies the dry process where the specimen is heated in a copper block as described in DIN EN ISO 306. This heating method is said to be a cleaner alternative with no annoying vapors and is capable of testing at higher temperatures. This instrument is fully software controlled, requiring no intervention by the operator. All models use Zwick’s testXper II software, which contains functions such as graphing and data storage. Tel: (800) 546-9757 . www.zwickmold.wiki

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