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Xenotest? Alpha+

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The Xenotest Alpha+ provides reproducible and repeatable test results of lightfastness and weatherability using an air-cooled xenon arc light source and the ability to perform high irradiance tests up to 3 Sun. · Air cooled xenon lamp with 2200 Watt · XENOSENSIV sensors for measuring and controlling irradiance in the wavelength band 300-400 nm and Black Standard Temperature at sample holder level · Total exposure area: max. 1320 cm2 · Temperature control selectable by test chamber or Black Standard Temperature or both simultaneously · Air volume control to influence the temperature difference between test chamber and Black Standard Temperature · Specimen spray system · Color touch screen to show current test status and graphic display of the progression of your test parameters · Serial interface RS232, USB Slave Port, SmartMedia · Water supply with integrated water reservoir (capacity 70 l) · Software languages variable between German, English and French

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