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EuroMold Scores Success at DieMould India

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-08-02 Comments Off on EuroMold Scores Success at DieMould India

The economic metropolis of Bangalore is the fastest-growing city in India, and is the centre of the country’s information technology, aerospace, and engineering industries—as well as for mould making and tooling. In this industrial hub, DieMould India 2008 took place February 15–18 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre. One feature of the trade fair was the EuroMold Pavilion put together by DEMAT GmbH.

DieMould India 2008 showcased 273 exhibitors from 17 countries in an exhibition space of 15,400 m², double the amount at the 2006 exhibition. The EuroMold Pavilion occupied 130 m² and presented the capabilities of one Canadian and nine European exhibitors. Those companies took advantage of the valuable chance to network at the biggest Indian mould making and tooling exhibition and to promote their products in a burgeoning buyer’s market.

The EuroMold exhibitors expressed satisfaction with the number of visitors at the pavilion. They registered many useful contacts. An important part of the success of the EuroMold Pavilion was the eye-catching design of the common stand, which was commended. Also, the exhibitors appreciated the full service offered them by the organizers of the EuroMold Pavilion, which included stand construction, catering, a meeting lounge, polyglot hostesses, and a daily shuttle service, among other amenities.

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