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Alfred J?ger Expands in East Asia

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Alfred Jäger GmbH, the German-based manufacturer of high-frequency spindles, is reorganizing its presence in East Asia through a further joint venture there. The enterprise, headquartered in Kunp’o, Korea, will be repairing Jäger spindles in the future. It is called KoJä.

Jäger will also be able to coordinate sales to China and India more effectively from this Korean support and service centre. KoJä will be supported by a new Jäger office centre that has opened in Shanghai, China. The Shanghai office is to manage the sales activities of the several regional sales offices in China. Another office of the joint venture, located in India, is in the planning stage.

Bernd Jäger, managing director of Alfred Jäger GmbH, says, “The objective in China and India is to build up a strong network of sales and support offices to enable us to optimally meet the strong demand for our products in these important future markets.”

Prior to establishment of its Korean joint venture, the spindle maker maintained a repair site in Singapore. Now, the burden of repairing Jäger spindles in northern Asia will be taken up by Kunp’o.

An integrated network of sales offices in Europe, North America, and Asia ensures that Jäger spindles can be provided to customers as quickly as possible and that repairs of the high-tech products can be performed promptly. The company manufactures high-performance spindles for drilling, milling, grinding, and engraving.

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