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Datakit Solidifies Data Exchange Business

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Datakit, a specialist in computer-aided-design (CAD) data exchange technology, has acquired the engineering data interoperability business of Ingetech and is now distributing the CADIQ, CADfix, and DEXcenter products from ITI TranscenData. Two consultants from Ingetech with expertise in CAD data processing have joined Datakit to help provide both the data exchange services customers will expect and practical end user support for products. Based in the Paris region, they have considerable data exchange experience and knowledge of a wide range of CAD/CAM/CAE software applications.

CADIQ is a 3D CAD model comparison and product data quality system, CADfix is a multi-CAD exchange, repair, and defeaturing solution for downstream CAx products, and DEXcenter is a collaboration portal for data exchange automation and supplier CAD data.

The services and solutions offered by Datakit are designed for large-scale manufacturers, their first-tier suppliers, and any companies in the supply chain who have a stake in engineering-data quality and integrity. They enable users to receive part files and complete assemblies, supply them to their partners, check the quality of incoming models, reliably and automatically demonstrate compliance with design specifications, and implement long-term solutions for data archiving.

“Both consultants now working for Datakit are well versed in the workings of a wide range of CAD packages,” says Samad Elboustini, head of Datakit’s R&D department. “This background, and their expertise in transferring, repairing, and simplifying data, is a major asset for us in delivering customer satisfaction.”

For Francis Cadin, CEO of Datakit, the acquisition perfectly complements the range of interface solutions, stand-alone converters, plug-ins, and components provided by his company. It enhances Datakit’s position in the industrial market by enabling it to provide a comprehensive response, comprising interfaces, services, and software for data migration and repair, to customer interoperability requirements.

Andy Chinn, business development manager at ITI TranscenData Europe, expresses pleasure at establishing a distribution agreement with Datakit for his company’s products. He specifies the new partner’s strong and knowledgeable sales and support force as a chief reason for confidence in the decision.

For Alain Morand, CEO of Ingetech, the sale of the Ingetech data exchange business means that he can now refocus on the design engineering business sector.

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