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CMOS line-scan image sensors are reconfigurable

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Alrad Imaging has introduced Panavision reconfigurable, low cost, digital line-scan CMOS image sensors, up to 8192 pixels, which combine high sensitivity and high speed.

Panavision Imaging LLC has introduced its DLIS-2K and the DLIS-4K re-configurable line scan CMOS image sensors for a wide variety of applications The sensors feature oversampling for enhanced sensitivity and high dynamic range (HDR) imaging.

The DLIS-2K and 4K sensor consists of four independently selectable and resettable rows with 2080 or 4096 optical each and a high resolution mode of 4160 or 8192 pixels each respectively.

Three rows feature 4 micron square pixels and the 4th row features 4 micron wide X 32 micron tall pixels.

The 4 X 32 micron pixel has sensitivity exceeding 100V/Lux.Sec.

Row integration time can be controlled either by direct external control or internal programmable control via a three-wire serial interface.

The distributed analog to digital converter (D/AD) per pixel has selectable resolution of 7 to 11 bits and a one bit output using a selectable threshold.

The DLIS-2K and 4K operates from a single power supply of 3.3V and is offered in a 40 and 44 pin LCC package respectively.

* User configurable – the DLIS-2K and 4K are user configurable to satisfy a wide range of demanding applications.

The DLIS-2K and 4K can output full single row data at 13000 ft/s or 8000 ft/s at 8bits respectively, for higher speed applications.

Automatic Dynamic Threshold (ADT) with binary output provides an Integrated and cost reducing solution for bar code and positioning applications.

Both imagers have multiple readout modes that include the following.

* Correlated Double Sampling (CDS).

* Ambient light subtraction.

* Oversampling.

* Non-destructive read.

* Binning of different integrations.

* Binning of different rows.

* High resolution mode.

The high resolution mode of 4K and 8K pixels for the DLIS-2K and 4K respectively, is from reading two rows of 4 micron pixels, offset 2 micron.

Both imagers have programmable gain and offset (2 bit control), onboard test mode capabilities, including external input to the A/D for calibration or other external analog input that needs to be digitised.

The imagers have up to 11 bit internal and up to 10 bit data output, power down mode, and the data pins have tri-state outputs for multiple imagers on one data bus.

Engineering samples with demonstration kit are now available.

* About Panavision Imaging – based in Homer, New York, USA, Panavision Imaging LLC is a pioneering innovator and developer of high performance CMOS image sensors and related technology.

The company’s products are based on several patented and patent pending technologies including: Distributed Analog to Digital Converter (D/AD), Active Column Sensor (ACS), XtremePIX, ADT and others.

Offering sensors in 2D array, line scan and custom, their products are found in many low to high-end imaging applications, serving the consumer, commercial, scientific and industrial markets.

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