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BEC to Protect IP Rights of Exhibitors

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-09-09 Comments Off on BEC to Protect IP Rights of Exhibitors

Seeking to strengthen its commitment to intellectual and industrial property (IP) rights, Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC) intends to implement further action against unfair competition at trade fairs. The organization is working on a campaign to upgrade its protection of the rights of exhibitors, according to a statement issues by the BEC Communications Department.

The latest initiatives in this regard are several. They include cooperating more closely with the relevant authorities, signing memorandums with manufacturers’ associations, adding to the trade fair participation agreement a specific clause on the legal protection of brand names, and obliging signatories to commit to aboveboard practices. In addition, BEC will provide advisory services during its trade fairs.

BEC will be arranging for an international information campaign to publicize these measures and the general terms and conditions governing the relevant section, which can also be consulted at the Centre itself. Specialist lawyers will be available at an information stand in the central atrium to offer assistance.

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