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1,000th Hawk ‘Flies’ out the Door

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Vision Engineering Ltd., which has been designing and manufacturing ergonomic microscopes for 50 years, dispatched its 1,000th Hawk noncontact measuring system recently. The recipient of the machine was Cryovac, a long-standing customer that is using the system to measure packaging film.

Hawk systems are employed in production and quality departments in many industries for noncontact measurement in applications where accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility are crucial considerations.

Steve Marsh, international metrology manager for Vision Engineering, comments. “We are very proud to be sending the 1,000th Hawk out the door,” he says. “We have a wide range of customers worldwide—from individual users to a large number of blue-chip companies—that utilize the Hawk, and they all stress how important it is in their quality procedures for checking high-accuracy components, often down to very tight tolerances.”

March notes that the system has changed over time, with frequent technology upgrades such as the recent incorporation of video edge detection and LED illumination. “We are always looking for ways to improve the systems, and we hope the Hawk will provide many more companies with the noncontact measurement solutions they require.”

The Hawk systems are assembled by a team of specialist engineers within Vision Engineering’s UK manufacturing operation, who are dedicated to the production of the sophisticated and innovative systems. Most of the components for the Hawk are manufactured in-house to very high levels of mechanical accuracy. NLEC calibration ensures that the finished systems will achieve the highest performance accuracy and repeatability.

The Hawk range encompasses a wide range of configurations featuring various stage sizes; microprocessors for different reporting and measurement needs; various illumination options; macro or micro magnification up to 1,000X; video and/or optical measuring solutions; and optional accessories, including image capturing capabilities.

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