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Washing Machine Moulds

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China Mould co.,ltd is a washing machine moulds maker in China, marketing washing machine molds, conveying washer molding container in short time, and providing superior washing machine molding service for our clients.
If you want to order a washing machine mould, just come to contact us ,we are the famous washer moulds maker in China, providing all kinds of plastic washer moulds and washer parts moulds. Now, we can make the moulds as follows
>.Double-tube washing machine mould,
Singl-tube washing machine mould,
>.Washing machine control panel mould,
>.Washing machine filter mould,
>.Washing machine cast wheel mould,
>.Washing machine special conduit mould,
>.Washing machine pumps mould.

We always use the DIN.1 2311 to make main body of washing machine moulds
                  use the DIN.1 2343 to make pumps of washing machine moulds
                  use the stainess steel S420 tempering to RHC50 to make control panel  

                  mould of the washing machine.
We have achieved the automatic ejecting process in washing machine pump moulds,is world famous washing machine injection mould maker in China,delivering high quality washing machine moulds with our genuine washing machine moulding service.
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