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VPN 800/2G Firewall Provides Secure Links to Remote Locations

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HotBrick Network Solutions, a leading supplier of network security services, recently introduced the VPN 800/2G, a combination firewall and router offering high bandwidth sharing, network security, load balancing, and redundancy. Available with no LAN nodes license limitations, the firewall provides the management features needed to create an efficient, effective security policy, VPN failover capability, and 2 WAN ports, all at a cost-effective price. The VPN 800/2G supports Linux, Macintosh, and Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista platforms.

Designed for small and medium size businesses, the VPN 800/2G establishes secure connections between remote locations, such as offices, warehouses, and suppliers. The firewall enables users to create up to 100 simultaneous IPSec VPN tunnels with encryption codes (DES, 3DES, AES) using current Internet bandwidth connections. A VPN tunnel allows users to access remote severs and services, such as e-mail and other applications, securely. Remote users can be connected using HotBrick’s standard VPN software client, or through other HotBrick firewall routers supporting VPN servers. Many users can share a single IPSec tunnel through a remote HotBrick device.

The VPN 800/2G offers a powerful load balancing function, with up to 9 load balancing methods and automatic ISP failover/redundancy. This feature allows users to trade one high cost Internet connection for two lower cost connections. With both connections working simultaneously, users can capitalize on the two connection speeds using load balancing. The firewall’s failover feature allows a VPN connection to be re-established automatically when one of the two WAN connections drops.

The VPN 800/2G is an integrated firewall and network solution in one. In addition to stateful packet inspection, one-to-one NAT, and DMZ, the firewall offers multiple filter capabilities, and control and blocking access features, which include options to allow only or block only certain services/ports for outgoing traffic. The firewall supports popular high bandwidth connections including cable, DSL, T1, Wireless ISP, and satellite, using either static or dynamic IPs, or PPPoE or PPTP for access.

The VPN 800/2G is ideal for those needing Bandwidth Management QoS (Quality of Service) to set bandwidth services/ports to ensure prioritization of traffic and bandwidth applications for VoIP or critical telemetry traffic. An 8-port 10/100Mbps LAN switch with 2 additional gigabit ports and a DHCP server allows safe Internet connection sharing. The firewall’s two (100/1000Mbps) LAN ports increase network speed.

HotBrick is a major supplier of network security products. Headquartered in Miami, FL, the company provides the market’s most advanced and affordable network security solutions. These appliances combine robust security services and high-speed, deep packet inspection, providing organizations with the best security possible and increasing efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness.

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