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Vollmer universal machine grinds PCD

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Vollmer has introduced a universal tool and cutter grinder that combines eroding, relief grinding, and polishing of PCD tooling using six-axis cutter path interpolation.

Vollmer will introduce its QXD 200 sharpening machine at GrindTec 2008 in Augsburg, Germany The universal machine combines eroding, relief grinding, and polishing .

The QXD 200 allows new variants of geometries in the production of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tipped tools.

A product presentation at GrindTec will take place daily at 11 am in hall 1 at the Vollmer booth 132.

Technical director at Vollmer, Dr Stefan Brand, said: "One of our technological highlights at this year’s GrindTec is the new QXD 200 universal machine for flexible machining of PCD tools.

This is done by path interpolation in six CNC axes, something that offers tool manufacturers much greater room for development than do comparable machines".

* Machining in one clamping – the QXD 200 universal machine measures, erodes, grinds, and polishes PCD-tipped tools in one clamping.

Through its automation, the disc eroding machine allows new variants of geometries of PCD-tipped tools of up to 250mm in diameter and 200mm in length.

This is based on the six CNC axes, which make manual intervention unnecessary and shorten the set-up time, said Vollmer.

The one-part machine base of polymer cement gives the QXD 200 system rigidity and vibration damping.

With the novel positioning of the axes, every work piece can be machined in a suspended position.

Vollmer told manufacturingtalk that this avoids a deflection of the tool due to its own weight.

At the same time, the work piece interface is protected against debris.

* Automatic grinding – on the QXD 200, the integrated tool changer and tool guidance allow unmanned operation ‘around the clock’.

In this way, loading and unloading of the tool holder magazines can take place parallel to automatic operation.

The integrated tool changer has available up to six different eroding, grinding, and polishing wheels, and thus permits an exact machining of various work piece variants.

The QXD 200 universal machine package includes customer support and services such as trial machining, employee training, financing planning, and maintenance and repair.

The chairman of Vollmer management, Siegfried Knuepfer, said: "Thanks to our proved operational philosophy of windows-based user interface, the QXD 200 can be reliably put into service after a short training period.

With this universal machine, we are continuing our innovative machine programme for sharpening PCD-tipped tools, which we have been doing successfully for over 20 years".

* About the Vollmer Group – with its comprehensive machine line, the Vollmer Group – with its own subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, the United States, Brazil, Japan, and China – has been successful as a specialist in tool machining in production and service all around the world.

The product line of this technology leader on the world market includes the most modern sharpening and eroding machines for the wood and metal working industries.

Here, Vollmer stands firmly on the traditions and the advantages of the company: Short distances, quick decisions, and rapid action of a family-run business.

The Vollmer group today has over 700 employees around the world, including 470 at headquarters in Biberach (including over 50 apprentices).

In only five years Vollmer Group has been able to increase its sales by over 50%, from EUR 70 million to EUR 110 million in 2007.

The company invests around 8% of sales in research and development of new products.

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