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Update given on product marking/printing inks

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Widely used in the plastics components manufacturing industry, product marking 945UV, 080UV and T40 inks are used in moulding, packaging and other materials.

Kaye-Dee is sole UK and Ireland distributor for the printing ink manufacturer Ruco and provides an update on the usage of the Ruco series 945UV, 080UV and T40 inks, which are widely used in the plastics industry * Series 945UV – Ruco’s ink series 945UV was developed for screen printing onto PET hollowware for the cosmetics and beverage industries.

Printing inks of this series can be applied to blow moulded, stretch blow moulded and recycled PET and offer excellent reactivity.

Kaye-Dee said that the inks’ very good adhesion characteristics eliminate adhesion modifiers and, in most cases, there is no need for pre-flame treatment.

The inks also offer high opacity and excellent flow characteristics.

* Series 080UV – ink series 080UV was developed for dry offset printing onto polypropylene and polystyrene food containers, such as yoghurt pots, etc.

Kaye-Dee said that the low-migration inks are ITX-free, highly reactive and have very good adhesion and wear resistance.

080UV series inks permit maximum printing speeds – for example, between 24,000 and 36,000 pots can be decorated/hour.

* Series T40 pad printing inks – series T40 pad printing inks are free from cyclohexanones and aromatic compounds and can be used on a large variety of different plastics substrates, such as pre-treated polyolefines as well as PS, ABS, PA, PC and rigid PVC.

The one- and two component inks offer good chemical and mechanical resistances and high elasticity.

Kaye-Dee told manufacturingtalk that the T40 inks are highly environmentally friendly and comply with the DIN EN 71 toy standard.

Owing to a fast drying process, the inks can be used on high-speed pad printing machines with processing speeds of up to 4,000 pieces/min.

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