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TV cabinet production line

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Product Description
Taizhou Sino Mould Co.Ltd is a professional home appliance Mould manufacturer and exporter in China. Sino Mould are specializing in TV Mould, refrigerator mould, air condition mould, washing machine mould, vacuum cleaner mould. We are expanding more cooperation partners all over the world. Application: TV mould, television mould, LCD TV mould, TV set mould, plastic television shell mould, home appliance Mould, TV shell mould, plasma TV mould, injection TV mould, car  TV mould Specifications: Mould material : P20,2316,2738,45c,50c,718H,738H,etc
Plastic material : PP,PVC,PE,ABS,POM, etc Mould base: LKM, self-made, etc
Cavity No.: Single/Multi/customized
Design software: UG, Catia, PROE Packing : wooden case
Hot runner : YUDO, mold master, HASCO, etc Cold runner
OEM service offered, Design service offered Competitive price, best service,high efficiency, short delivery time
DME mould spare parts

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