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Transparent Injection Molding Service

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Sino Mould is the famous transparent injection mold making factory, we use transparent injection molding technology to manufacture transparent injection molding products, also offer perfect transparent injection molding service.
Transparent injection molding plastic : PS, PC,PET,ABS,PMMA,SAN and so on.
Transparent injection mold making steel: 718H,DIN1.12738,S136,Nak80 and so on.
Transparent injection mold checking point: high gloss, no welding line and sink marks on the surface, transparent without impurities.
Transparent injection molding technology: To get nice surface of the products, firstly, the transparent injection mold’s gate design must avoid breaking the surface, we suggest using side gate, valve gate, submarine gate or banana gate. Secondly, we should use whole high speed milling machining to process the injection mould.Thirdly, transparent injection mold need high quality polishing by hands. If needed, we will use mold temperature controller to make sure the surface quality.

Sino Mould is world famous injection mould maker China, we supply transparent injection mold with favorable price, offer transparent molding service to release customer’s worries, and equipped with high –end transparent injection molding technology to ensure the quality of the injection moulds. If you have to know more about transparent injection molding China, pls contact Sino Mould.

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