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thin wall mould design feature

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Sino Mould is one of the leading thin wall mould manufacturer in China. We makes thin wall mould designs not only according to mould size, but also considering mould life and mould structure.
1st, usually for thin wall mould, we design moulds with separate cavity when our competitors make whole cavities in one block. In their way, if one cavity not well done or need improvements, it is hard to adjust. But in ours, it is much more convenient as mould cavity is fixed with screws on surface, not need to disassemble moulds.
2nd, some times, the mould if you design not very strong, but at the beginning working of 1 or 2 month, there is no appearance or obvious difference. However, after several month continuous working, the mould would easily happen with small flashes which is caused by high injection pressure and mould deformed due to thin and not strong plates.
3rd, our mould structure is convenient for after sale service and maintenance. If to make moulds in solid, in future, if one cavity problem, you only have to throw moulds away. But in separate cavity, it is much convenient to make a replace one.
If you are interested inthin wall injection molds, pls feel free to contact with me.

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